Covid-19: The Money Diaries

The strange turn of events of 2020 have left a lot of us reeling – we’re stuck in lockdown, our kids are trying to do school from home, we’re terrified for our grandparents and older whanau and we look forward to our one trip out each week to the supermarket.

Some of us have lost jobs or businesses, some are not yet sure if we’ll still have jobs or businesses in a a few months time. Kiwisavers have taken a hit, the sharemarket is doing weird things, and the world outside of New Zealand seems to have gone crazy.

So with all this craziness going on, I wanted to ask: How are you? 

How are things in the time of Covid-19? And seeing this is a blog about money, how has it affected your finances?

New Zealand Money Diaries in Covid-19

I’ve had a few brave souls step forward and tell me how they’re getting on.  Everyone is in a different situation and I though now more than ever, it was interesting to see how people are getting on.

Would you like to send us a Money Diary?  If so, please pop over here to send in your details.

To protect your privacy, we won’t publish your real name.  But we would love to hear from you!

Read on for our first round of Covid-19 Money Diaries, or send us yours.

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